What is the reason behind the increasing live-in-relationship in India?

In India, live-in-relationship is very popular in some years. With urban India has becoming more open minded and having western influence and students moving out of their homes at an early age, live in relationship have become more prevalent. Surely, there are many positives which are encouraging relationship. In this system boy and girl live with different religion, caste and region easily in this relationship. No burden of dowry and financial and live freely.

Marriage system in India is very cumbersome due to huge expenditure and religious rituals. If marriage is not successful it again becomes a liability to get out of marriage and also a court case for divorce continuously is a main problem in married life. In  simple marriage if the searching the boy or girl for marriage then parents  generally checks and investigate the religion, caste and also region of boy or girl.

During live-in-relationship couples live together rather than marry. They want to test their compatibility and create understanding each other. They want to maintain their single status for financial status. If break-up occur, they are free. And can choose their partner again. The marriage looks a burden for both boys and girls. This is the reason for increasing in live-in-relationship.



  1. Blooming Soul · June 9

    Good choice of topic loved your concept.

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  2. kritikagarg · June 9

    Agree 👍👍

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  3. writervikash · June 11

    But is this good for the mordern era?

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  4. Pooja Thapliyal · June 19

    Nice perspective 👌

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