WhatsApp launches two latest features for its users

Popular messenger service, WhatsApp has released the two latest features of stream videos while downloading and support animated GIF image for its users. Previously, the two new features were available for WhatsApp beta users only.

WhatsApp for Android Now Lets You Stream Shared Videos While Downloading; Gets Animated GIF Image Support

The new updated WhatsApp is available runs on Android and download through Google Play and adds these features on your smartphone. In this update, users will watch the videos while downloading

Previously, for watching the shared videos on WhatsApp, first to be download by automatically or manually on the smartphone. If the user chooses manual downloading of the video in WhatsApp then the new stream video will also be useful for users and if choose automatic downloading then the video will be saved automatically. In the new feature, the shared videos will appear in the place of a download button with a play icon. The size of the video will be written in the dialogue box of the WhatsApp. When press the play icon, the video starts streaming which is depend upon its data speed

whatsapp gif android screenshot gadgets360 whatsapp

The animated GIF image support is the second feature was available in August. It allows users of WhatsApp in beta to convert 6-seconds video into gif and share it with friends and relatives. In this new update, users can send GIF through the attach file button which will open the Gallery on the smartphone. The users can find the right image for the share. Users can also crop the gif image in suitable size before sending to the friends and relatives. The GIF images which will be save by the WhatsApp in its “Animated GIFs” folder in the WhatsApp directory.

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